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Research projets

Social movement studies

2020. 19 (1): 38‑62

“Producing Expert Capital: How Opposing Same- Sex Marriage Experts Dominate Fields in the United States and France.”

Sociological forum

2014. 29(4): 808-829 w/ A. Saguy

"How to Describe It? Why the Term Coming Out Means Different Things in the United States and France"

Formes de l'état et sélection des savoirs experts

2020. Chapter “Formes de l’État et sélection des savoirs experts : les controverses sur le mariage et la filiation des couples de personnes de même sexe en France et aux Etats-Unis.” In De l’autre côté du miroir: comparaisons franco-américaines, edited by D. Sabbagh and M. Simonet. Rennes: Presses Univeristaires de Rennes, 89-102.

Resisting gender theory in france

2017. With J. Tricou. Chapter “Resisting “gender theory” in France: A fulcrum for religious action in a secular society.” In Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe, edited by R. Kuhar and D. Paternotte. London: Rowman & Littlefield,79-98.

Encyclopedia entries

les mères lesbiennes: etats des lieux

2016. Chapter “Les mères lesbiennes, les mères seules, et leurs enfants : l’état des lieux de la recherché." In Procréation, Médecine et Don, edited by Pierre Jouannet. Paris: Lavoisier, 243-251.

Studies in Ethnicity and nationalism

2017. 17(1): 44-56

"The Importance of Sexuality for Research on Ethnicity and Nationalism."

Annual review of sociology

2013. 39(1): 491-507 w/ M. Moore (1st author)

"LGBT Sexuality and Families at the Start of the Twenty-First Century"

By the Power Vested in Me:

Experts Debate Same-Sex Marriage

Under contract with Columbia University Press

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Book chapters

Socologist / Phd / Associate Prof. (Univ. Toulouse jean Jaurès) / Junior Member Institut Universitaire de France

Global Encyclopedia of LGBTQ History

2019. Entries "Mariage, Univeral in Europe" & "Pacs" & "Adoption, Fostering, and Surrogacy (International)" & "Adoption and Surrogacy in Europe" in Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) History, edited by H. Chiang. New York: Charles Scribner & Son/Gale.

La multidimensionnalité

2017. Chapter “La ‘Multidimensionnalité’ comme outil de lutte pour une justice raciale et sexuelle complete.” In Critical Race Theory edited by H. Bentouhami and M. Moschel.  Paris: Dalloz, 309-318.

Queer Families Online

2019. Chapter “Queer Families Online: The Internet as a Resource for Accessing and Facilitating Surrogacy and ART in France and the United States.” In Access To Assisted Reproductive Technologies: The Case Of France And Belgium, Borders And Beyond, edited by J. Merchant. New York: Berghahn Books, 140-158.

Come out, Come out, Wherever you are !

2020. With A. Saguy. Chapter "Come out, Come out, Wherever you are" In Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are  by Abigail Saguy. New York: Oxford University Press, 10-29.

International social Science Journal

2020. 70 (235-236): 79-97

“Licence required: French lesbian parents confront the obligation to marry in order to establish kinship”